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Everyone is unique, so what suits one person may not necessarily suit another. We will work with you to find a solution that will enable you to overcome any feelings of loneliness or isolation you may have. Perhaps you would like to receive a regular visit from one of our volunteers, who would soon become a good friend; or maybe you would like to go out for lunch every week at one of our lunch clubs; or how about going along to our Social Group and enjoy various activities in the company of others. You may even think about becoming a volunteer to help others. These are just a few examples. The choice is yours!

…someone you know

We offer a tailored, personalised service to address individual needs. After a full assessment, we give the older person the choice of accessing any of our own services or those provided by other organisations or groups.
Our own services include:

  • Home visiting and befriending service. A trained volunteer making a regular weekly visit to the older person in their own home.
  • Sitting-In Service for older people with special needs, giving respite for their carer.
  • Social Group providing activities including crafts, board games, chair based exercise and presentations.
  • Carer support where Carers are able to meet other carers reducing the risk of isolation and benefiting from a change of routine and building a network of friendship helping them to know that they are not alone in their caring role.
  • Two established lunch clubs, providing a hot nutritious meal for over one hundred people every week.
  • Signposting older people to community groups and activities that match their interests and provide them with regular social contact.